When Chance, an abused and very aggressive Cocker Spaniel came to the shelter I ran I knew I had to do two things. The first was adopt him and the second was to call Mark, our dog trainer that Sun Coast Humane Society recommended for behavior modification.Chance had severe separation anxiety, would bark nonstop when alone, and would attack our pool man on site. Marks quiet, gentle approach yielded great results within two weeks and the in-home follow up training really helped me guide and understand him.. I highly recommend Mark Jacobs and On Command K9 Academy to anyone with dog behavior issues.

Debbie Parsons-Drake
Senior Director
Animal Housing
United States Humane Society

Mark is in the process of training our 15-month old Golden Doodle and the results are great! He explains what he's doing, and why, and I swear gets inside Piper's head. Very knowledgeable, personable, and customer-focused. I recommend Mark hightly.

Maury Leiman
Venice, FL

Mark has trained all of my dogs and countless others I have recommended to On Command K9 Academy. He has worked with my dogs on specific issues, obedience, and protection. Whatever your dog’s needs, Mark can teach it or correct it. He is amazing both as a trainer of dogs and owners. I know you will be totally satisfied with On Command K9 Academy!

Nancy Taaca
Crested Butte, CO

Dick, LuLu, and I wish to express how deeply beholden we are to the skill, talent, care and intuition you extended to LuLu during her “rehabilitation” with you at your facility. LuLu, at eight weeks and thereafter, was a very obstreperous Chow. She feared Dick and “walked all over” me. She was not a pleasant addition to the household, however much we wanted her to belong. Then came Mark. From our first meeting, there was a suggestion of a “horse whisperer” in his approach to LuLu. LuLu left us for about three weeks. When Mark returned her to us, LuLu came back a totally changed animal. Her personality had been transformed and she had become a very well behaved and lovable creature. We look forward to a long and happy life with her. Not only did Mark “save a life”, he rewarded us with a pet whom we will cherish for a long time to come.

Dick and Susan Kretz
Sarasota, FL

We adopted Maxwell when he was 6 months old and he was in need of a good dog trainer. He was housebroken but his listening and attention skills were greatly missing. We were recommended to Mark and ON COMMAND K-9 CONTROL by a neighbor. Mark met with us and told us about his "Boot-Camp" training program for dogs. We liked his approach. We gave Maxwell to Mark for about 14 days of his on-site training, knowing full well we wouldn't see Maxwell until Mark thought he was done with his training. Maxwell's training was completed in about 14 days and he came back home a more disciplined dog. However, it was up to Mark to train us in how to handle our more disciplined dog, which, he did. Today Maxwell is almost 8 and a great companion for my husband and me because of Mark's training. We are still using On Command till this day because of their boarding services. In addition, Mark is able to pick-up Maxwell from our home and brings him back to us; this service offers us a fantastic convenience.

Thanks to Mark and the Staff at ON COMMAND K-9 ACADEMY

Kathy Siebold
Placida, FL

As owner of 2 dogs who both outsize and outweigh me, one can only imagine how that could spell disaster when it comes to controlling them. After being trained by On Command K9 Academy my dogs are confident, happy, and know what is expected of them. And then of course, Mark had to train me, the human, and that was his real challenge. But, all of us came thru with flying colors. So much so that when I opened my cage free dog boarding facility, Who Let The Dogs Inn, I called on Mark to be my resident trainer. It is imperative that in a free roaming environment, each dog must not only have a good temperament, but must understand the basic commands to keep them safe and make life pleasant for the humans in their lives. The dogs are always happy to see him, respond wonderfully to his steady calm and assertive demeanor. He is the only trainer who will give a written guarantee. Although training me may have been quite a challenge, Mark managed. Not only my personal dogs but all the dogs he trained at my Inn are well behaved and safe! Thanks, Mark!

Ila Ibis
Who Let The Dogs Inn
Sarasota, FL

The first question to ask your self is why did you get a dog? The days before I had Mark, Florida’s own “Dog Whisperer,” take control of my dog were challenging and exciting in ways I kept hoping would just get better on their own. There is a specific logic and train of thought that is necessary to shape a dogs behavior in to the way you want your dog to become.

As my Father always said, “A happy dog is a healthy dog.” Like humans dogs require a certain type of, “schooling,” which I refer to as behavior modification.

After I had Mark involved, my dog became cool, calm and collected. He transformed in to an animal that knew his place in the home and to his owner.

It took a while to break down and give him up however, now that my sweet puppy is about a year and a half now and maturing in to an adult I can clearly see the difference it made to have a professional spend time teaching him to obey his master. He is now the attentive, loyal, sweet, loving , healthy and most importantly well behaved puppy, I’ve always dreamed of.

Together, my puppy and I can enjoy life and a home together with freedom because he understands his role and respects his owner. There is harmony which needs to be created through lessons and discipline by a professional. Not only a professional but, someone who cares, understands and is able to take the amount of time necessary to develop the animals behavior. This person is Mark. Of course, we all hope and trust ourselves that we can take on the responsibility when we commit to taking care of an animal. However, overtime you realize your attention should shift in to thinking about the dog first and how you can help him become more stable and happy in his wonderful life as a dog! What a life they can have! LOL

Thank you, Mark, for all of your personal time, commitment and care helping my puppy become the best he can. We are both happy and your continued effort to ensure he is maintaining his role surely shows me I made the right decision to give my puppy and my self the best education.

P.S. When I am at the dog park, I am proud and notice my dogs behavior is controlled and comfortable in comparison to his peers.

Meghan Bruno
Spine Consultant
Merc Surgical
Tampa, FL

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